Recordings. Selected pieces.

Elektroaccoustic improvisations and/or compositions
mp3 Ikke - 2012, 3', (All vocals performed by the composer.)
mp3 Motherless Child - 2010, 2'10'' (All instruments performed by the composer. All instruments are a pair of scissors, the hand-operated cutting instrument.)
mp3 Utan tårar - 2009, 0'48'', (All vocals performed by the composer.)
mp3 Tomhed - 2011, 4'15'', (Christina Lauridsen, blokfløjte.)
mp3 Ly (2009) for mixed choir. First movement: Håret ditt flyter. Performed 2010 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Lund, Sweden, by Ensemble Vest and conductor Cecilia Martin-L÷f (2010)
mp3 Stabat Mater (2008) SSAA Performed by Mirea, Maja, Amanda, Fie, and E. (2009)
mp3 Til Aftenstjernen (2008) SATB. Performed by Ensemble Vest (2009)
mp3 Dette er ikke Døden (2007) SATB w. divisi. Performed by Ensemble Vest (2008)
Chamber music
m4a Glass Metal Wood (2012) for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, and cello, 4'05''. Performed by TM+
mp3 skribo (2011) for blokfløjte, guitar, 3 sangere, 4'05''. Performed by RenÚ Kowalczyk, Camilla Hedegaard Bachhausen, Jennie Samuelsson, Jennifer Macpherson og Marie Møller
mp3 præludium (2009) for piano and accordion, 2'26''. Performed by Paula Engel and Daniel Beskow.
mp3 kanon (2009) for piano and accordion, 3'04''. Performed by Paula Engel and Daniel Beskow.
Solo instruments
mp3 (Under overfladen) (2009) solo accordion, 4'22''. Performed by Erica Roozendaal (2009)
mp3 Ekko (2011) for violin. Performed by Jakob L. Nielsen (2012)

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